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"Photography is not a reproduction, but a revelation", says Paolo Roversi, native of Ravenna but adopted Parisian, internationally recognized as one of the most subtle fashion photographers. Modest and reserved, Roversi has been developing for more than forty years a work that seems haunted by the fragility of any form of beauty and by the delicacy required by its conception of elegance. In 1980, he discovered the Polaroid film associated with a large format camera; this "love at first sight" opens up new fields of aesthetic research, renews its relationship with the model photographed and masterfully signs the quintessence of its style.

Product details

  • Format Hardback | 64 pages

  • Dimensions 12,5 X 19 mm | 253 g

  • Publication date July 2011

  • Publisher Actes sud

  • Publication Country Italy

  • Language English, Spanish, Italian and French

  • Illustrations note in colour and Black and White Illustrations

  • ISBN 978-2-7427-9784-4

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