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Libretto is a composition of photographs by Paolo Roversi which combines images of fashion, still life and nudes. As if in a fairy tale, together they form a magic and enchanted world of shade and light, shapes and colours, which transpires an atmosphere both dreamlike and bewitching. The emotion of a look, the sensuality of a body, the elegance of a movement leads us into the mysterious spheres of beauty.


Product details

  • Format Hardback Japonese bound with Nepal-papers jacket in slipcase | 32 pages

  • Dimensions 15.24 X 21.8 cm

  • Publication date August 2000

  • Publisher Stromboli

  • Publication Paris/France

  • Language English & French

  • Illustrations note 150 Colour and Black and White Illustrations

  • ISBN 3-88243-719-7


170,00 €Price



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