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Since 1980 Roversi has worked primarily with 8x10” inch Polaroids, and rarely on location. Studio is a milestone in his burgeoning bibliography. Designed as a series of 60 gatefolds, at first glance the book appears to be a collection of empty pages. The experience of looking is akin to that of peeling away the leaf from a Polaroid – out of the blackness an image is revealed as if by magic. In images that represent two decades of work, the collection offers a self-portrait of the artist and a window into the place where he creates his art. These photographs are a mix of both the published and the highly personal, but all have the intimacy engendered by that place where Roversi fells most at home.


Product details

  • Hardback Clothbound | 60pages

  • Dimensions 28.58 X 31.75

  • Publication date April 2006

  • Publisher Steild/Dangin

  • Publication Germany

  • Language English 

  • Illustrations note 60 Colour gatefolds

  • ISBN 3-86521-164-X

Studio Special Limited Edition

150,00 €Price



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